Seattle Students Give the Gift of Goth at Nightclub Event

As hair design and hair stylist professionals, being in high demand is a pretty common thing. Whether it’s your friend who needs their hair or makeup done for a big event or a client who absolutely has to squeeze into your schedule before a trip, there’s always someone who needs a trim or a flawless cat eye done by your professional hands. However, sometimes the requests are a little more out of the ordinary. Sometimes the request for your expertise includes applying goth-inspired makeup at a nightclub event. This exact scenario is the one students at the Seattle TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy found themselves in this past Saturday.



Local dance radio station, C89.5 held its annual Listeners Appreciation Party this weekend at Neighbours Nightclub on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy partnered with the radio station to host a makeup bar to give goth makeover to the event's attendees. The looks they created included plenty of black lipstick and artistic dark eye makeup looks.



On the Facebook page for the event, C89.5 fittingly called the makeup bar the “C89.5 Goth Terminal.” As they explained it was “where you walk up basic and leave goth.” The Goth Terminal proved to be a great success with a constant line of eager attendees waiting to get their makeup done from start to finish of the event. The students’ talents were even requested by the host and Emcee of the event, who also had the students deck them out in black eyeliner and lipstick.



The Listener Appreciation Party featured a full lineup of local DJs and recording artists including Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland, Santa Clara, DJ Kryspin, Keano and Australian platinum recording artist, VASSY. The event was open to all ages with a designated 21 and over section located in the venue's balcony.


Leading up to Saturday night’s festivities, C89.5 gave the Seattle academy plenty of shout outs on air to show their appreciation for their sponsorship of the event. During the show, the host gave the academy and students a huge mention to our proud cosmetology students in between each performing artist.


TONI&GUY wristbands and bumper stickers were placed all around the venue during the event and it was a pleasant surprise to see attendees wearing them throughout the night.



It’s always fun to be able to participate in and sponsor unique events like the C89.5 Listener Appreciation Party. It’s the perfect opportunity for our students to see the variety of places their future career can take them and have fun in the process!



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