Why Won’t My Hair Grow Past a Certain Length?

We have all asked ourselves this question at least once. A time comes when no matter what oils we try, or what remedies we follow, our hair just refuses to grow past a certain length. Whether we have a stressful event going on, a change in our diet or just a new hair product that messed our hair up, there can be several reasons why we can experience stunted hair growth.


This is the biggest enemy of our gorgeous hair. Breakage can be due to a number of reasons. You could be ironing your hair at a temperature that is just too much for your poor tresses to bear. Sometimes, when we get impatient with our hair, we tend to brush our tangles a little too forcefully. This causes knots to get stuck on the brush bristles and whole chunks of hair get pulled out. Other times, due to a sudden change in water or products, our hair can get really brittle and break off midway with just the slightest tug.

Split Ends

Split ends are our worst nightmare! They can occur because of a number of reasons such as heat treatments like blow drying, heat styling, straightening, and curling. The most effective road to get rid of them is by cutting. You can make sure they don’t come back by trimming your hair every 6 weeks or so. Surprisingly too much brushing can also damage your hair and cause split ends.


Aging causes changes in your hair’s makeup. As we age, hair strands become smaller and weaker. The thick, stiff hair of a young adult gradually becomes thin and fine. Also, eventually hair follicles stop producing new hair. Women can develop a symptom called female-pattern baldness which causes hair density to reduce and the scalp to become visible. The best way to hold on to your manes is to treat them with love. Use chemical processes as rarely as possible, and stay away from anything that pulls on your hair, such as tight rollers, ponytails, and braids. You could also use styling products with protein which could help strengthen the hair shaft.


There are some nutritional deficiencies that can negatively affect your hair and hurt its growth. Our hair shows some of the first physical signs that something important is missing from our diets. Zinc helps you grow new hair and zinc deficiency can cause a lot of premature hair loss in men and women. Other than this, Vitamin C is another important component that you must keep in your diet as it helps to regenerate your cells and trigger growth, maintenance and repair in your body. Lastly, healthy fats are very important as without them your hair would miss out on Omega 3 fatty acids which have essential anti-inflammatory properties that help open your hair follicles. It is these follicles that in turn help in promoting healthy hair growth.

Haircare Routine

Last, but not the least. Do not overdo your hair care routine!

Using too much conditioner, slathering on a thick mask or shampooing too much can all wreak havoc. Your hair needs gentle pushes from treatments and needs to be left on its own once in a while. You need to let it breathe and not keep it saturated with chemicals even if you believe they are healthy. Secondly, your way of handling your hair while caring for them should always be gentle. Never dry your hair with a towel very roughly, instead try using a cotton t-shirt to do the job.